Rename a file on R1 controller with OptoScript

How would I rename or move a file on the controller?

Here is the context. I would continually be writing to a file called “cloud_data.txt” with different charts. Every once in a while I would want to send the data in the file to a web server. I want to rename the file to something like “cloud_data_processing.txt”. The charts would notice that there was no longer a “cloud_data.txt” file (because it had been renamed), create it and continue writing any new data to it.

I would have a separate subroutine that would process through “cloud_data_processing.txt” sending it to my web server and then delete it.

This would insure that I grab the current data set within “cloud_data.txt” without missing any other data that might be written to it while I’m processing it.

There’s not actually a “rename” command, but you can copy/delete using ftp or file comm handles. Check out the SendCommunicationHandleCommand options for ftp & file.

The thing that I worry about with that method is that if there is a lag time between when I copy the file and when I delete it, I could loose data if it is written to the original file within that lag time.

Do you have any thoughts on that?

I strongly recommend having a look at this document, form 1642 (with lovely illustrations) and the corresponding example for your [URL=“”]Learning Center. There’s also this [URL=“”]FTP and Data Logging example which I suspect you can borrow heavily from and save yourself some coding.

Essentially, the data to log is cached in a persistent table (rather than a temporary file). Note that persistent tables will keep their data in the event of a power cycle (your temp file won’t, unless you write it to flash, which you don’t want to do TOO regularly).

Hope that helps!

Your first link did not link to a document (with lovely illustrations). It linked to the same thing that your 3rd link (FTP and Data Logging example) did.

Why do I not want to write to my flash TOO regularly and by “flash” do you mean the MicroSD card?

Oops, try that link again, I think I fixed it.

There is that MicroSD card option, but there’s also some flash memory in the PAC itself, see this form (1646), also with lovely illustrations. :slight_smile: To write to the MicroSD card, you’d just use the file and ftp comm handle commands (with the appropriate subdirectory and 8.3 file name limitations).

To save a file on the PAC itself to the on-board Flash “User File Storage” area (in yellow in the lovely illustration mentioned above), you can use the PAC Control “Control Engine” command called “Save Files to Permanent Storage”. Neat-o.

Here’s some OptoScript to copy a file [click here], in case that of interest.