Remote Water Meter

Hi, Ive got an epic working a water plant, controlling water levels, reading PSI and GPM, and sending event alerts if a pump has a fault or water levels are out of range,My question is I have water meters at different houses far away from this epic, (but has access to the same network) what options do I have to get the water meter information to the epic…?

A RIO would likely work well for this.

sounds like there are no RIO’s available for the time being,any other options?

You can also use SNAP parts - EB1 or EB2 with the appropriate modules for your application.

I’m lost with what you just posted,is this a groov product? or what?

No it is not groov, it is an older product - SNAP PAC EB1 brain. The EPIC PR1 is able to communicate with them just fine. However, you probably want to give Opto a call for availability as I see that everything is saying 2 weeks right now.