Remote Connection to SNAP-PAC-R1-W

I know this isn’t directly related to Opto 22’s products but I was wondering what other people are using to connect to an R1-W. This is my scenario:
I have a client with an R1-W Brain on their factory floor. This is a dedicated small network surrounding the process. This is located in Oregon. I want to send them a cellular device that is configured to remotely connect to the R1-W. Since I have a Verizon jetpack device, I wanted to set it up with port forwarding (22001 for PAC Control and 2201 for PAC Manager) so they could just turn on the cellular device and I would be able to connect to the R1-W for upgrades or what not.
As I was trying to test this before I sent the device, I found out that this jetpack does not receive a static IP address. I can get one for it, but they charge $500.00 for that service. Is there something out there that I can achieve this without paying the $500 fee? I have used Red Lion cellular modems that are permanently mounted on sites, but those are expensive units.


I have a VPN server (OpenVPN, but you could use something else as well) at the office. I setup a Ubiquiti ER-X (cheap - like $50) as a VPN client that as soon as it has internet connectivity it connects to our network. The OpenVPN server has client specific overrides so each client gets a specific IP address. From there you can setup routing, port forwarding, masquerade/NAT (this could get evil), whatever you need to get access to the devices on the other end. No static IP needed on the client side.

It takes quite a bit of know-how on the network / VPN / PKI / security side of things and lots of ways you can create an insecure setup (kind of like port forwarding to 22001 on the public interface) - you must read the documentation and not just rely on some out-of-date blog post.

There are also companies out there that sell devices pre-configured for this sort of thing (along with a monthly service fee - you pay for the convenience and hope they did all the right things). Can’t think of the name of any of them right now.

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You gave me some good ideas to try.
Thanks Philip.

It seems that some of the Jetpacks have a VPN option?

If this is the case, it would be more than worth the time in setting up a VPN server and testing this solution.
It could be a very straight forward way to ovoid the $500 fixed IP tax and allow you to download and debug your PAC Control strategies since it would be like being on the same network as the PAC R.