Relative paths for PAC Control subroutines

We’d like to be able to use relative paths for the subroutines in our PAC Control strategy. This forum post has the following text:

“For versions 9.3 and earlier, subroutines had absolute paths with no option of relative paths.”

Which would seem to imply that for versions LATER than 9.3, you ought to be able to set relative paths.

But I’ll be darned if I can figure out how. Is this actually possible?


Based on the note right after that, I believe that it’s not something you set, it’s determined automatically by PAC Control.

Versions 9.4 and newer are better/smarter about paths for subroutines. When you open a strategy, PAC Control is more likely to automatically find the corresponding subs for you

When it cannot be found you just manually point to the file.

Which would be great if it were automatically finding the subroutines, but it’s not. The problem is, we have multiple versions under development in different directories, and we’d like to not have to reset the links every time we move a development version into the production directory.

That is phrased badly - I think that it was before 9.4, PAC Control would prompt you for each every subroutine it couldn’t find (just keep smashing the enter key), and now in 9.4+, once you point it to the folder for the first subroutine it would automatically match all the others it found in that folder. It still doesn’t use relative paths (which would probably be a better solution).

I’ve experience these similar issues (frustrations) with subroutines. If the subroutines are not at the location the strategy expects, then it will try to find them in the “Subs” folder in the project folder and let you know that they were found and asks if you want to update them to that location.

Unfortunately this behavior can be problematic when copying a strategy or restoring an archive to make a different version because the copied strategy will link to the subroutines in the original location. If you are not aware of this and then modify any of the subroutines, you can break your older project (especially when dealing with different versions of PAC Control).

I work around this by temporarily renaming the parent folder of the original project, then open the copied or archived project and letting it find the Subs folder. This is faster than using the “Change Folder” option in the sub dialog since you have to do each subroutine one by one.

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