Recording process upsets

My department is tasked with coming up with a solution to report when processes are out of tolerances and someone suggested trying optoscript.

We need to record when we have a deviation of 5% + or - with feeds and temperatures + or - 5 degrees after reaching above 50 degrees excluding the first 10 minutes of the process. From there we need to record the data then send it out via email.

Can someone let me know if this can be done? If so being a complete novice to optoscript point me into the right direction.

Hi Clint,

Could you tell us a bit more about the hardware and software you have in the mix so far?

For example, this would be very easy to record/monitor/email if you have groov.

FYI - in your strategy, anything you can do in an OptoScript block in your strategy can also be done in regular blocks. Often it’s easier in OptoScript (especially with strings and formulas).


we don’t have groove. we have mostly Snap pac R1 and R2 controllers, an S2 and an eb1 brain.

You mentioned “feeds” and “temperatures.” Are these two different values? And deviation relative to what?

For example, are you saying, after the process has been running for 10 minutes, and the temperature has gone above 50 degrees, the newest reading should not be > +5% more than (?? the previous read a minute ago?) or less than (?? previous read? 50? some “known normal?”).

We have examples elsewhere on how to record data and/or send via email, but I’m trying to understand exactly what you need to compare/record.

Yes once the process has been running over 10 minutes and has reached a set point above 50 degrees. Let’s say it’s reached a setpoint of 80 if it drops more than + or - 5 degrees or more for a period of 5 minutes or more then its considered a process upset and we want to record the data and get it to the proper people.

Feeds are a different value that basically have a set amount and a set duration. If it deviates for more than 5% for more than 3 minutes its considered a process upset unless the value was under 40 grams.
So we have alarms in place that will show us that these are out of range in real time but we just want to record it if these alarms are triggered for the durations in our procedures