Record Elapsed Time

Hey All,

What is the fastest way to record analog data with an elapsed time value so I can dump it to a file?

Ultimately I will need to have the first point’s time be 0.0 and subsequent points will be the number of millisecond since the first point, but I could normalize the time data offline if need be so the first point does not have to start at zero.

I know how to do most of this, but I’m not sure how to get the elapsed time. PAC Control has a number of instructions that I can get time from, but it seems they all return integral seconds (I’m pretty sure I’ll be measure 20-30 points/second or more). Maybe I’ve missed something though.

Anyone have any suggestions?
Thanks for looking

I would get milliseconds since Powerup.

As soon as I needed a time, I would grab the value and subtract it from the value and thus get a millisecond timer starting at zero.

I would use the PAC Control command ‘Read Number from I/O Unit Memory Map’.

I’m sure there are other ways, lets see what other creative ways the community can come up with…

Thank you Beno,
I knew there was a way to do something like that. Just didn’t know what it was.

I thought I had tagged this thread with Groov, but it was tagged with application.

Anyway, I’m using Groov, and now I’m not sure how to get the address for the milliseconds since boot since Groov is not accessible using the PM inspect tool. I’ve never been Grooving before so this is a bit new.

So how do I get the equivalent in Groov?

Ah, I just re-tagged it EPIC, since groov is for groov View (HMI/graphics)… I got confused thinking you were using PAC with groov, but you are on an EPIC system…

So, the data is still there. Just because you cant see it in PAC Manager does not mean its not there.
Take the address and put it in the EPIC I/O MMP space.

You can see your milliseconds ticking away just fine.

So, nothing changes, use the pac control command to read it, store it when you start and subtract each of your time stamps from it and you will get your millisecond timer value.

EDIT. Just to be clear, not EVERY MMP address in PAC Manage from a PAC Controller is mapped to groov EPIC.
You just happened to get lucky with this one.


Thank you Beno,
That resolved my issue.

Is there a published list of MMP address that are mapped for future reference?

This guide has the mmp addresses in them and has been fully updated for groov EPIC.