Recommendations to prevent Configurator crashes?

I recently upgraded to Win10 with PACProj4.8 and now Configurator crashes way too frequently. Short of going back to an older OS or doing a clean install, does anyone have anything they have found to remedy this?

Previous OS compatibility mode has not helped.

I’m thinking you really mean PAC Proj 8.4 (vs. the 4.8 you mentioned)? In general, we didn’t officially support Win10 until relatively recently. I’d recommend you back up everything, then upgrade to the latest-and-greatest PAC Project (9.4). If you’re still getting crashes, make sure you get in touch w/support so they can help you get that resolved.

I had a lot of crashing issues with 9.4g of runtime on Win8.1 - after some back and forth troubleshooting with support, the 9.4h build seems to be working good, but it is not the release version right now - you need to download the patch from the super secret ftp site.

The patch is just the executable, so backup or rename the original executable’s and copy over the patch ones.

I think I was in a crash rage at the time of my original post, I meant to type 9.4. :slight_smile:

During the time of my last post I was on Project 9.4d and Windows10 and I was getting crashes after every over save attempt it seemed. I have recently noticed it again on a new laptop only this time it added another issue where the replace tag box kept stating that there was no text in the entry field even when there was.

Through the last few Windows OS’s and PAC Project versions I have had many a configurator crash, I was just fishing to see anyone had some OS tweaks that they would recommend for stability. I recall many years back it was recommended to disable the windows themes service for stability… just fishing for that sort of thing.

I had the find and replace issue on the release version of 9.4 on windows 8.1 - this was fixed for me in the release from the ftp site. The only OS tweak I know is to add the executables to the data execution prevention exception list.

One thing I’ve learned to be careful with is always closing my runtime window before deploying a change from Configurator. I’m not certain if it matters whether you have the “allow multiple runtimes” checked off in the Configurator runtime options. If you fail to close the runtime window first, it almost always crashes Configurator and/or Runtime (yes even in 9.4008).

I’ve especially noticed that it is a problem when you’re using display to download recipes. (Make a change in configurator/reload the controller, and there is a problem with the trigger tags/scanner or something and display stops working.)

I am required to use Win7 enterprise (which is unsupported by Opto22) and have issues with configurator crashing as well. I also have a terrible handle leak coming from OptoServer… But, for the configurator crashing I use scheduled tasks that trigger on an opto22 app crash event. Hadnt heard about a “data execution prevention exception list”, I’ll have to check that out.

The DEP list is here on Windows 8 - similar for Windows 7:

Thanks phillip!

Below is the event filter i use to restart display on a crash event. May not match exactly what is required on other systems.

  <Query Id="0" Path="Application">
    <Select Path="Application">
      *[System[(Level='2')]] and
        *[EventData[Data and ((Data='') or (Data='OptoOPC.exe') or (Data='OptoOPCItf.dll'))]]

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