Recipe problems in PAC Display

I am using version R9.6d Build 0023. I configure the recipe and use a trigger bit and also have a notification bit. I set the trigger bit and nothing happens. I never get the notification bit set. This doesn’t work on either the Download or Upload.
When I want to download a recipe to the R1, the window pops up to select a recipe and I select it and click ok and nothing happens. I know this is kind of a silly one, but does anyone have any suggestions? I know I had this working on a previous version but that was PAC Display working with SoftPAC at the time, not an actual controller.

I just checked and it works with B9.5d build 0049. That is with PAC Display to SoftPAC.

Cathy helped me with this. Thank you.

I forgot I had changed the Control Engine name and did not change the name in my recipe template. Duh.

Thanks again.

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Thanks for getting back to the thread and being honest.
Happens to all of us at some stage… If we can teach others in the process… so much the better…