Reading old chart and project files

I have inherited chart and PAC display project files for which I have no corresponding strategy or other files. I need to access them to retrieve the chart data, how can I do this with the chart or .uui file alone?

Hi Stam,

Welcome to the forums! Sounds like you might want to contact our Product Support Group (it’s free) at

But to clarify what you’re asking here, do you have an exported chart? (The file extension would be .cxf.) Do you have other files besides the .uui file? (A PAC Project also includes additional files, like one for each window.)

You mention you want to “retrieve the chart data” – are you saying you need the logic that has been programmed in the strategy? Or do you have a controller and you want to current values of some of the I/O points or variables in that running strategy?

One quick and easy away to see the values in a controller or other Opto 22 Ethernet device (without needing the strategy or any software installed on your PC) is to use the mobile utility apps described here:

Can you tell us more about your files/hardware/situation?


Thanks for the welcome, OptoMary.

The only files I have are .cht and .uui files, nothing else. I need the logic programmed in the strategy (or even simply what the chart looks like), would this be available in the .cht files? Or .uui files? I am unable to use mobile apps.

Files -> .cht, .uui
Hardware -> MS Windows PC Xeon E5420 2.5GHz
Software -> PAC Project 9.3
Situation -> Frustrating

Failing an easy solution to getting the logic programmed in the strategy through a .cht file alone, I will then contact support.

Thanks again