Reading Groov View Tags into Node Red

Tried to transfer a Groov View Computed Tag into Node-Red using the Groov Read Node without success.

Yes the Groov Read Node states it’s to be used to read “Data Store” devices.
That works (I can read tags from Data Store Devices) but trying to read Computed Tags, Modbus Device Tags, etc. gives me an error (in node red - Unknown Device Name).

I was under the impression we could access these tags, especially the Computed Tags since they are locally derived from Groov View. You know what they say when you assume.

I’m actually trying to pass Modbus Tags from Groov View into an EPIC controller. Using Computed Tags will not push tag information into the EPIC so figured I could use Node Red to Get Data from Groov View and push into the EPIC.

Any ideas how to read Groov View Modbus Device, Computed Tags, etc. tags into Node-Red ?
OR another idea how to push Groov View tags into EPIC ?

Reading and writing arbitrary devices and tags is on the roadmap, but hasn’t made it into a release yet, sorry. :-/