Read text file from PC into Groov


We are just starting out with the Groov Epic. We are using it in “Codesys mode”. So far so good!

For a project, we need to read the contents of a text file from a Windows PC into the Groov.
What is the best/simplest method of achieving this ?


Hi Chris, welcome to the forums.

About the only way I can think of doing this is to install Samba on the EPIC via shell, and map the EPIC as a drive letter on the Windows PC that has the text file.
Use a Windows scheduled task or ‘file watch’ utility to copy the text file from the Windows C drive to the mapped EPIC drive.
Once its on the EPIC you will need to make sure Codesys has permission to access it as needed. (Read only, or read/write for example).

We are using an FTP server to get text files from a computer to the groovEpic…(logic we migrated from PAC S-1 installations). Would this process, described on page 281 in the User’s Guide Form 1700, work in your application?

I was on the fence about mentioning the FTP option.
We are finding that most IT departments are not excited about installing an FTP server on their PC’s, but if you get the all clear, then yes, you can use Shell to install VSFTP on the EPIC and then have a Windows task to send the file from the PC to EPIC via FTP.
I guess I should have mentioned it, thanks Craig.

Thanks Beno and Craig.
That has given me a couple of avenues to explore!

If you are using Codesys you can use the file transfer tool they have built into the IDE. What are you trying to do? Save setpoints and have some persistence on startup? Codesys has persistent variables and a recipe manager that is pretty good.

Click on the controller at the top of the screen on the left hand side and click files.

Refresh both the runtime and host location with the green refresh arrows.