Read from Enron flow meter with Groov Epic

Sounds just like the title. I’ve got a Thermoscientific Autopilot Pro flow computer that I need to read registers from. I’ve got a modbus integration kit PAC control chart I put together from when I thought it was normal modbus format. The connection is being done through RS-485 thtough a Grv-CSERI-4 serial comms unit on channel 0.

I’m still new at this and trying to figure it out on the fly, so pardon my ignorance. When I tried to run the program I had I got a return table of all zeros and a status return of either -412 or -87. Neither of those error codes exist in the Modbus integration kit documentation.

Is there a way to get the PAC Control strategy to read from the meter, or will we need to set up a Codesys program like another thread I saw suggested. If so where can I look up how to do it?

Registers I need to pull are all 32 bit floats, and the chart I was handed looks like this:
Slave ID: 1
Baud Rate: 9600
Data Bits: 8
Parity: none
Stop Bits: 1

10578 Flow Rate
10580 Energy Rate
10561 Meter Pressure
10563 Meter Temp
10584 total Volume
10585 Today Volume
10586 Yesterday Volume


These are both connection errors (Look them up in the PAC Control Help | Error Lookup). You may have an issue with your comm handle string format, since -412 has to do with ethernet connections and you are giving us serial baud rates.

On the register format - if they are using Enron format, then that may be an issue with the SDK as well, as you will get twice as much data as it expects when reading floats and int32s.

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Thanks for getting back to me. According to opto tech support the groov isn’t built to handle enron modbus comms since it’s so uncommon. Thankfully we were able to sidestep the issue, but having a Red Lion DA-10 in the same panel read from the remote meter via serial, then have the groov read from the DA-10 via modbus TCP.

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