Read and write groov epic, rio and node-red

hi, i’m starting with groov epic and rio, can you share the procedure of how to read and write in:

strategy variables pac controller from node-red in the same groov epic

strategy variables pac controller from node red groov rio

thank you.

Hi and welcome to the forums!

You can find a startup guide for the PAC Control nodes on our developer site here:

If you have any extra questions after following that documentation just let us know!

thanks for the reply. currently groov EPIC I have no problems, but, when trying to send a data from the node-red in the RIO to the pac controller of EPIC throws me an error “Error code: ERR_TLS_CERT_ALTNAME_INVALID”

This post should get you up and running.

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I did the configuration but I get this message “ERR_TLS_CERT_ALTNAME_INVALID"

This is my configuration:

Static ip:

Epic Certificate:

RIO certificate :

Node - RIO:


in api key name, I have used the hostname, the static ip and even empty, but I get the same result.

Thank you.

I already solved it, my problem was with the certificate; I created a new one and it worked.

Thank you very much, the opto22 support service is really the best.

Yeah, certificates can be tricky to get sorted and straight.
Glad to hear you got it working, thanks for letting us know.