Raspberry Pi and SNAP?

Hello! Any chance there will be an official product for using an rpi with SNAP modules?

What would be the use case?
I am a big Pi fan and use them in all sorts of applications at my house, but am wondering what you have mind?
For example, Raspian comes with Node-RED now, just add the PAC Node and you can talk to a controller and its I/O from Node-RED (the controller needs to be running firmware 9.5a or newer)… So, in a way, you can use RPI with SNAP modules, but perhaps this is not what you had in mind?

Oh SNAP! The rpi carrier board does support SNAP I/O : ) Just found the D-Series racks. Shoulda scrolled down more!

Looks like it is limited to digital I/O though, which is cool, but will the analog modules be supported?

What analog modules would you be looking for?
There are many Pi hats that support analog, so we are looking at use cases and seeing what the most requested analog modules are.

Well, its not much help I suppose, but all of them. My organization is fond of using rpi’s and is currently working on redesigning their control systems around them. This will include rtd, thermocouple, analog voltage in/out and even serial. Personally I am not a big fan of rpi’s on production systems, but if it is going to happen anyway interfacing these systems to industrially hardened IO that will be in production for some time would be ideal. Rather than hats that may or may not be supported long term.

It would be great if there were a 4-20mA input module supported.