Raspberry Pi and GroovBox

Hi, I’m just starting with GroovBox and NodeRED and i’m having a difficult time.

I’m trying to connect GroovBox with a Raspberry Pi trough the GroovBox’s NodeRED and a TCP connection. My idea is to use the rpi-gpio nodes from the GroovBox’s NodeRED to control the Raspberry Pi remotely trough TCP but the rpi-gpio nodes in my GroovBox are disabled.

Any ideas?

Kind Regards.

If you ran Node-RED on the Raspberry itself I’d expect you could access the (local) gpio. But since the groov Box has nothing like that, you’ll have to go Node-RED (on groov Box) to Node-RED (on Pi) or some such.

Can you tell us a little more about the actual problem you’re trying to solve? Is there more in your setup than groov Box + Pi?