Raspberry PI - 10 Input 220v relays

Hello All

I would like toread the status of 220V circuitsm for that i was thing use 220v input relays, and when the circut closed to read it in a raspberry pi, using Node red.

could you please help me with the hardware slection?

Thank you


Welcome to the forums!

Start out by getting yourself a Raspberry Pi carrier board.

Then add an I/O rack.
This is an eight channel rack, you can also get a sixteen channel rack.

Lastly, add the digital I/O modules that you need.
To measure 220v AC directly (no pilot relay needed - much simpler wiring) get as many of these modules as you need.

To control 220vAC directly from the Pi, get as many of these modules as you need;

This webpage here has all the Raspberry Pi information you need;

When it comes to the Node-RED side of things, its very simple, just drag the Pi I/O node onto the canvas and configure it as an input or output on the channel of the rack. There is some good documentation included with the carrier board.

Lets know how you go with the project or if you have any more quesitons.