Racks and 1783-NATR

We have used Opto22 racks on several projects with Allen Bradley controllers, using Ethernet/IP configurator to setup the EB2s and communicating from the A-B controller.

A current project has asked us to setup a 1783-NATR from Allen Bradley as a NAT device, to connect the private / local controls network to their plant wide network. The controller and racks are both on the private side of the NATR and communicating just fine.

Issue we are having is using PAC Manager or EIP Configurator from computer on the public side, to connect to the EB2s on private side. We can see them in RSLinx and we can ping them, but neither PAC Manger or EIP Config will connect. A-B says that all ports should be open… we are pressuring them to confirm that.

Anyone use that NATR device or something similar and have any ideas on what we can try?

Thank you