R2 will not reset

Sorry for the newbie question- R2 unit stat light blinks sort of orange and will not respond to reset button.

Page 65 of the R2 users guide has the blink codes for the LEDs;

The flashing stat light is saying that the controller is waiting for an IP address.
You can assign it one via PAC Manager.
No matter how much you reset it, it will still come up blinking till you give it an IP address.
This is my best guess.
There are some other possibilities, but we would need some more information… If you have already given it an IP address at some stage and this is new behavior, then be sure and email our Product Support Group to get a ticket for troubleshooting the controller; support @ opto22 . com

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Thanks so much. I did try to assign an IP address. The address shows up in PAC mgr but when I try to change it gives a communications error. Got an email into the PS group also. Thank you again for taking time to respond.



Turned off the wireless adapter, and the IP was assigned. Stat light is on, not blinking,. Now getting a general ping failure but can probably work that out…Yep RTFM…

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Great, some progress… nice…

The solid stat light is good, as you say, its now got an IP address, solid orange is good and means that it has an IP address but is not running a strategy. Solid green means IP address and running a strategy.

If you cant ping it, most likely it means that your computer or Opto controller are on different subnets.
You will have to change one or the other. The computer might be quicker to change if the controller is correct.

Yeah, Pac Manager will help a lot… and its manual.

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