Quick question - What is a .ccd file in Factory Floor 4.x?

I’m trying to determine the differences between some opto code files (long story…). Couple questions would help:

myChart.cht is the chart, yes?
What is the myChart.ccd file?


Hi Mark,

Our doc team is astonishingly good… They even got you covered on this one…

Check out (on your local hard drive or download from our website), doc #724, the Opto Control Manual.
Page 405 (App C-1). It shows all the files and their types.

Here is the guts of it;

<strategy>[B].cdb[/B] OptoControl strategy database
<strategy>[B].cdb.txt[/B] Text file containing basic strategy information, such as tags and their data types.
<strategy>[B].crn[/B] Run file (compiled file that is sent to the controller)
<strategy>[B].crn1[/B] Intermediate run file (component of the run file)
<strategy>[B].crn2[/B] Intermediate run file (component of the run file)
<strategy>[B].crn3[/B] Intermediate run file (component of the run file)
<strategy>[B].inc[/B] Initialization data for variables with “Init on Download” option (component of the run file)
<strategy>[B].inf[/B] Strategy configuration information
<strategy>[B].$cdb[/B] Temporary OptoControl strategy database file
<strategy>[B].lcdb[/B] OptoControl strategy database lock file
<strategy>[B].pe[/B]r Persistent variable definitions
<strategy>.<controller>[B].cdf[/B] Controller download file for special circumstances
<chart name>[B].cht[/B] Chart
<chart name>[B].ccd[/B] Compiled chart code (component of the run file)
<chart name>[B].con[/B] Online compiled chart code
<filename>[B].wth[/B] Watch window file (you name the file)
<filename>[B].otg[/B] Exported I/O configuration file (you name the file)
<strategy.date.time>[B].zip[/B] Strategy archive file

As you can see from that list, the answer to your question is the .ccd is the complied chart.

Do we get to hear the “long story” or maybe a haiku version of it?

The “dog” ate our files.
Which ones did we really need?
Archives are our friend.

Just curious.

My bad - I should have looked in the doc’s. I’m scrambling to compare two old (ca 2009) and undocumented (naturally…:slight_smile: sets of strategies from our old tools. The ccd files are equivalent but the cht files differ…so I did a quick search and found nothing on the opto site for “.ccd” or “.cht”, but I should have dug up the Factory Floor 4.0c documentation.

Anyhow, thanks.

Thing is – why would the compiled version be the same, but the actual chart differ? Maybe they modded it after compiling on one installation…