Question On Trending in Groov View

Good morning.
My situation is…
I’m using the trial version of Groov View Server for Windows on a PC currently. I have a lot of trends that are all working nicely reading PLC tags from various sources (Coming from Node-Red EthernetIP Nodes).
Currently I have to re-start the Groov Server and reopen Groov View every two hours as it’s a trial version. If I restart the server immediately upon timing out, then I retain my older data. If it sits for a bit before reopening, I lose my older data.

My question is. Is this because I’m using a trial version? In the full version, will I lose my old data if the PC Re-boots or the server stops for any reason?

Likewise, I f I were using a RIO or Epic, will the Trend Data retain through a power cycle?

Thank you.

Kimber Keddy
Automation/Controls Tech.

Hi there Kimber. Welcome to the forums.

The trial version is meant for just that, a trial, dip a toe in the groov View world with no limits beyond the 2 hour trial. (Inductive Ignition do the same no-limits, two hour timeout, its a common trial mode).

As you have found, the trial stops scanning the device and so the data stops updating.
I run groov Server for Windows here at Opto, you can see it log in with trial/opto22.
Since it runs with the other IT servers, its uptime is years. The windows update reboots just cause a small gap of about 1-2 minutes (depends on the size of the Windows update) gap in the graph. It has to be that way since the process, indeed, the whole PC reboots, it cant scan and log the data while rebooting.

The trend history data is retained on both EPIC and Windows. The trends have a local database to store the data regardless of the trend type (Interactive or Classic).

The only time the trend data is not retained is on EPIC on a firmware update. You will need to backup your groov View project before you do that update and then restore the backup after the update and you will only lose a few minutes of data (just a short flat line in the trend).

Hope that answers your questions. Lets know otherwise.

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That is great Beno.
I’m looking forward to getting this project going on a RIO. I just need to prove it first to the big guys that it will do what we want. So far, so good!


On RIO groov View is not available, but you can connect your groov Server for Windows to show and store data from a RIO unit.