Question:Comunicate OptoMMP with CODESYS


I try to store data in OptoMMP with CODESYS.
I wrote the code according to “Hello, world!” for the OptoMMP Function Blocks, but xConnected does not become TRUE.
What is this problem?

I communicate with EPIC using eth1 port.
I’m sure that EPIC firewall setting and Opto 22 Library version are correct.

Just to confirm, you are are trying to write to the EPIC’s local MMP server? Also, what version of EPIC firmware are you currently running on the EPIC?

Yes,I’m trying to write there. The version of EPIC firmware is 3.3.1-b.55.

I would recommend updating the firmware to the latest version.

I update the firmware, but it doesn’t work the program.

Just in case,
EPIC firmware version is 3.4.4-b.128.
CODESYS version is V3.5 SP18.
Opto 22 library version is

Can you archive your project and send it to me. I am unable to duplicate it on my end. If I have your exact project settings, maybe something will jump out at me.

It will most likely be too large to email, so you may have to use google drive, one drive, dropbox, wetransfer… My email is

I sent it to you.
Please check it.

The file you sent was the project, I need the project archive file. You can archive the project here:
Then send over the *.projectarchive file.


Sorry, Reichert.
I sent to you this archive file.

Thank you for sending that over. The issue you have is that your MainTask scan rate is set to 5000ms, which is the same as the timeout for the MMPClient Function Block. I set the scan rate to 500ms, and the timeouts went away.


The project file run, thank you.