#QNAN vs -32768 on the EPIC vs SNAP for unplugged thermocouples

I am used to working with SNAP, where an open thermocouple would automatically read -32,768. Thus, it was an easy if loop using a numeric table for all thermocouples, “if TE < 0°C, show 999°C, else show the reading”
I tried to just re-use this for a new project using an EPIC, but all my unplugged thermocouples are showing 0°C and/or the “last good value” on the HMI (PAC Display, not using groov View) and #QNAN in PAC Control. How can I make it so that the code will use a value of 999°C instead?
I tried reading the “Working with Quality Indication” in the EPIC manual, but it seems to just be describing the different indicator codes, not how to use an indicator code to then trigger a piece of PAC control code.
Is there a way to use #QNAN in the PAC control code (like maybe a comparison command for if the expected reading is not a numeric value?) Or is there a way to get the -32768 back instead of #QNAN?

PAC Control has a command called IsFloatValid that you can check if you have a QNAN or not.

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