Python mmp protocol

In the Python opto MMP protocol code in the the range function at line 254 expects an int, dividing my hex values length at the moment gives a float of 2.5 which causes an error. Also, the “hexvals” operation at line 256 requires an int but it is fed “i + (4 - len(value) / 2)” which may be a float. I am still trying to understand what this code needed to accomplish but if any knows what should be done to fix this code please share your knowledge. I am using python 3.

Which function and what input are you using that is causing the error? Just trying to understand what is breaking exactly.

I am calling “self.grv_epic.SetScratchPadIntegerArea(<my_index>, <my_value>)” which works until I send a value greater than 255 which appears to cause the first if statement in the code above to execute.

Here is the error message:

for the sake of the delta between the package that loaded and what shows on the gethub master branch here is what is running on my machine:

What happens if you just cast the range result to an int on line 260?

for i in int(range(len(value) / 2 )):

Wouldn’t using a library make this simpler:

import struct
def PackInteger(self, value):
    return struct.pack('>I', value)

It’s been a while (5ish years) but if I recall correctly it started misbehaving with values over 256 because of the byte Endian order.

After much dabbling I ended up with this:

which yields:
is there some corner cases this code could cause problems with?

Looks complicated. Without using a library, couldn’t this function be reduced to this:

def PackInteger(self, value):
  hexvals = [0,0,0,0] #init a byte array
  for i in range(3, -1, -1): #loop through 3, 2, 1, 0
    hexvals[i] = value & 0x0FF; #bitand to get the least significant byte
    value = value >> 8; #shift the value over by a byte
  return hexvals

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That is beautiful… and it works.


If you’re a python purist, you can be more pythonic with a list comprehension and turn this into a one-liner:

def PackInteger(self, value):
  return [(value >> 8 * i) & 0x0FF for i in range(3, -1, -1)]