Properly Pause/Resume Chart(s) from Display

I am able to nicely start and stop charts from my display by setting the status variable of each chart to either 3 or 1 respectively. I was using 2 to attempt to pause the chart, but after investigating I believe I’m using the wrong method, as the charts show up as suspended rather than in step (paused) mode as I intend.

Is there an appropriate way to set the status variable from display? Fooling around (on purpose) I’ve already tried everything else from 0 through 7, and I’ve tried going over the function of each of the bits in the status variable (I’m aware of each bit’s function and have read the materials, and have tried a little Karnaugh map fun just to see if I could figure this out on my own).

From Display you can only start/stop/suspend/continue charts. No way to put into Step mode that I am aware of. Seems like a strange desire, what are you trying to do?

No I’m looking to suspend and continue, I’ve been turned around by the nomenclature :slight_smile:

So, now put in the correct terms, I can say I am able to suspend the chart properly with a “2” command, but don’t seem to be able to continue the chart with any commands.

Set the state to 4 to continue the chart.

From the PAC Display Manual Users Guide:

Thanks Philip, am guessing I looked in the Control manual and the command reference and read the bit stuff repeatedly, but missed going back to the DISPLAY manual to see if it had anything. Thanks again!