Project Email Settings: Couldn't find an internet address

I am wanting to setup groov notifications to send an email but unable to get the email stmp test email to send. I keep getting “Couldn’t find an internet address for (…”
I have tried several setting but no luck. I am using an email account I set up specifically for this. It looks like a DNS name resolution issue, however I do not know why. The GROOV-AR1 is able to check for updates so I assume that DNS resolution is good. Additionally, the groov Admin stmp time server sync is also not working giving “NTP time synchronization failed : Exiting, name server cannot be used: Temporary failure in name resolution”

In the Network configurtion, I am using static IP address and Obtain IP address(es) for the DNS server(s) automatically, and Obtain an IP address for the gateway automatically.


I seem to recall a quirk on the AR1 where if you are using static IP address, you also need to use a static DNS and DHCP address. I would give that a try. It sure sounds like a network issue.
(If I get a moment I will try and look up the KB articles for anything along these lines).

Yes, both static DNS and static DHCP must be set. Got it working.


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