Profibus Module SCM-PROFI

Ok Mary, I might need some help on this one. I tried searching for Profibus in forums but got nothing. I am connecting the module to two Kollmorgen drives and need to get started on the code.

I need a primer to get going in the right direction. This is not for the meek.

I am not sure exacltly what the VB utility is doing yet and I see that the first thing that happens is a bunch of ftp files get read into the controller. I assume this is just an easy way of getting all the background data into the controller? Btw, I jsut noticed the convert string table to integer table, now that sounds like a time saver…

Hi Barrett,

Not sure why the built-in search turns up nothing, but I used google as described in [B]this post[/B] (about halfway down, under “Other Options”) to find [B][URL=“”]this Profibus post[/B].

Looks like the main thing you’d need is [B]form 1591 Profibus Tech Note[/B]. I’ve not used Profibus before, but that doc looks like it explains the VB utility and related parts. Of course, if that’s not doing it for you, be sure to let support know so the doc folks can add whatever’s missing.


Yah I found that, but I thought you knew everything…I am going through it and I’ll get back when I have a specific question.

Ok, well I can report that this is a tuff one.
I am having trouble with the tx from the scm to the Kollmorgen profibus card and I have troubleshot this to the extent of capturing a stream off of usb to 485 and Bray terminal and it appears something is steping on something else. Almost like the TX from scm is arriving corrupt or Kollmorgen is expecting something else, therefore the scm is still txing and I think the Kollmorgen is trying to respond with an ack and result is everything is stepping on everything…
I do get an occasional transmit and receive of the data string round trip but it’s maybe every 12 attempts or so.
The Kollmorgen packet is a hummer. You have to pack the bits in a specific order and they don’t even bother to split the division by bytes, no they want you to have 4 bits here for one thing,one bit here for another, and then 11 bits on the lsb side for something else, and so on…


I’m also in the process of working with the Profibus module on a SNAP rack. It would be helpful to see instructions on importing the sample Profibus strategy into an already programmed controller.

James, what are you talking too?

If you are using Kollmorgen I am working on a pack/unpack routine for the 20-byte string that is used to communicate to drive systems in Profibus.

Although my app is Kollmorgen, the string that is encapsulated in Profibus is a Profibus standard that is used to customize each drive manufacturer’s communication. In Kollmorgen’s case they use a 20-byte string, but the string can be different standard lengths. Kollmorgen is a high-end servo drive and motor manufacturer. I can spin up a 20hp servo motor to 1500 rpm and stop it in one or two revs on 0 micrometers…