🤔 Problems with trend chart warnings (ApiServlet)

I am working on a dashboard for data presentation, in one of them I am placing two trend charts with the following configuration.

After a while of feeding the graph sending the data from node-network to Groov Server the graphs remain with a warning symbol.


After about 5 min of feeding the graph sending the data from node-network to Groov Server the graphs are frozen with warning symbol.

These are the errors I get in my logs

7/6/2022 23:05:42	ApiServlet	An exception occurred while handling /api/v0/data-logging/fetch-interactive
|7/6/2022 23:05:42|ApiServlet|An exception occurred while handling /api/v0/data-logging/fetch-interactive|
|7/6/2022 23:05:43|BackgroundScanningService|Missing a tag state for {:tagId 45, :index 0, :bit -1, :retain 20, :update 5, :interactive true}!|


What platform are you running on? Is this an EPIC system, or groov Server for Windows, or…?

Shot in the dark: how much free disk space is available on the system that groov View is running on?

@Jonathan_Fischer is groov Server for Windows, I have free space on disk 352GB.

Can you please go into build mode and click on Configure → Devices and Tags.
From there, highlight the controller/device that the tag is coming from and take a look at the Device Health.
I’m wondering if you are seeing some network issues between the GS4W and the edge device.

Here is example of one of my PAC R controllers that has a ton of trend data in my groov View.

If I understand what he’s saying, he’s using Node-RED to populate a Data Store in groov View, and then trending that. There won’t be a device health thing to look at in that case.

Take a look in C:\Program Files(x86)\Opto22\groov\logged-data: there should be two directories in there named classic and interactive, and the interactive one at least should have files in it. Is there anything in there?

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You might be right. I took what he said to be an edge node device somewhere on his network.

@Maser can you explain your setup a bit better please?

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@Jonathan_Fischer , Checking the information if I have files in the directory.

This is what I am doing to test between Groov server and Node-red

This is the scheme I am working on. Groov Server and Node-Red are on the same computer. Disregard MQTT at this point I am simulating random values.

Config DataStore


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@Jonathan_Fischer, @Beno

I have identified the following behavior on the logged-data folder. When saving after making a change in the build mode the graphics restarts and the files in the folder are these:


After the graph fails only the following files would be there, the other initial files are gone.


We’ll probably want to have you contact product support at this point. It’d help to get a look at your logs, and possibly your project to see what’s going on.


I have cleaned up all the pages that I am not using as well as the tags that I may have deleted. I have only left what I am actually using and I think that has solved the problem. :smiling_face:

Thank you very much for your support.