Problems With optoServerBrowserConfigurator


I"have got a new problem that i never see so far

On a virtual machine i’d try to configure opc sever with a existing strategy (with pac control 10.2 but project is ugraded from 9.3)

when i try to open idb file i got that Error Messages "Scanner Type not registred correctly - (null) "

i use pac sim to simulate plc but i really need that opc serveur to at least declare its variable to update my hmi )

does anyone has some hint"s about that problem that stuck me

Best regards

Hi Benjamin, welcome to the forums.

I suggest that you give our support team an email with this issue and see if they can get you sorted.

After 3 hours of strugeling

i save myself with Pac Terminal that have problably redeclare pac brain (pac sim) into Registry

i really don’t know why pac control doen’t manage to decrare plc brain into that feshly instaled windows 7

one of the computerism mystery :wink:

Tanks for your reply