Problem with video gadget


I have a problem with the video gadget, I assign the IP but does not show me anything,
I have to do, :confused:

Hi erickgroov, (groov-y username!)

Make sure you check out the latest-and-greatest (updated this month) User’s Guide (click here). It includes a bunch of details based on experience from our [URL=“”]Product Support team helping people find the correct page/parameter info to include after the IP address of your camera.

We can’t cover them all, but the manual goes get very specific on a couple of Foscam &
Vivotek models.

Just curious: What type of camera do you have? What are you using your [I]groov [/I]to do?


The brand is Mobotix , but I was also experimenting with Yawcam program to convert the camera from my laptop on camera ip

Just here to echo Marys comment… Check out the users guide. We just updated it with more information about the IP video camera gadget.
The most important thing to know is that groov is not polling the camera, your browser is… so, you must be able to hit a URL with your browser that brings up a single image.
When you hit refresh in your browser (F5 or click the refresh icon), it should load a new image.
Once you get that working, cut and paste that URL into the IP camera gadget in groov and you should be up and running.

If you want to see the camera image across networks, make sure the URL you are using can been seen from the other network.
Again, its not groov serving up the image, groov just puts a place holder on the groov page with the URL for your web browser to poll and display the image.

I use YAWCAM to upload an image via FTP to a web server, and put that URL into my groov Box, pretty straight forward.

Lets know how you get on, the IP camera is one of my all time favorite groov gadgets.



HI Ben

I also use Yawcam, thanks for your advice, and I could see the camera, again thank you very much Ben

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Ben wrote:

Which is true UNLESS, you have groov 2.1, in which case you and use the old/default method of having the browser get the image directly from the camera:

or, you can use the new in 2.1 “Proxy” option to have groov get the image from the camera and provide that to the browser for viewing:

Super groov-y!

Yep, I discovered the reclusive proxy option this week setting up a camera on our office network for a groov connection demo.

The video gadget worked just fine on my PC and also and my smartphone when in the office, but the video feed did not work when I went outside the office. Weird, optobug or maybe down to the phone’s operating system? No, just wrongly configured in groov!!

The basic but not so obvious reason is that in the office the smartphone connection to the network was local through an wi-fi access point, while outside the office the smartphone connection was remote though a public IP on a 3G cellular network.

If the webcam port is not being published publicly in your router and you do not select the “proxy” option selected, then the public network will not be able to find the local IP address of the camera. Pretty simple but you can look pretty stupid before figuring it out.

Another notable detail is that proxying the video through the groov will add time onto the update on a remote connection. Exactly how many seconds of time is dependent on quality of contracted internet connection and the exact hardware platform you are running your groov on, but local streaming update of 1-2 seconds may easily turn into 6-8 seconds on a remote connection, which can also overload the camera buffer depending on model used.

Maybe future versions of groov software will address the concepts of local and remote connectivity, but at present there is no differentiation. Maybe we all just need faster internet :slight_smile:

“Groov-ify the World”

Yeah, I have ran into a similar situation. I have a Groov AR1 and I am grabbing images locally from some Avigilon cameras. Locally it works great but the cameras sit behind a firewall so I tried the selecting the proxy setting for the camera widget within Groov. Didn’t work. I lose the images locally and they do not show remotely. This would be a great feature if I could get it to work. I could FTP the images out but this site only has access to a DSL. Talk about slooooooow. The Groov works great other than that.

Hi Twoodbridge.

Welcome to the forums.

Im a little curious why this proxie is not working.
We have tested it in house and we have customers using it, so Im thinking that there is something going on with your network.
Either the settings of the groov or something else is not dialed in.

Can you share some of your network setup?
I would love to get to the bottom of this.