Problem with iPAC

I have the next configuration from PAC Control Basic 9.2

there are a module SNAP-AITM-8 with 4 K thermocuples and 1 scable input.
When I read it from iPAC I get:

iPAC doesn’t detect te thermocuples as Analog Input, iPAC detects it as digital input:

Hello Edwin,
This issue was fixed in version 1.02. Which version do you have?

Hello Mary, I have the last version:

Hmm. I’m not sure what’s happening, then. I’d recommend you contact our Product Support Group [click here] – they’d be best equipped to sort out what’s happening here, and it’s always FREE!

Hi Edwin,
Do you know what version(s) of firmware are running on your PAC hardware? (You might need a newer version of PAC firmware.)

Hello Mary thanks for the answer. I have the latest version of the firmware (9.2a), I had recently updated.

I will contact product support about this. Thanks Mary.