Problem with Groov View

I have a system running with EPIC PR1(3.4.4) (PacControl, Node-Red, GroovView and MariaDB), it has worked well for a few weeks but lately the GroovView HMI freezes (I have no trends and there is little data that I show, around of 35 variables) and the controller stops working (Pac Control and Node-Red). To get everything working again I had to restart GroovView (using Groov Manage). I have checked the logs and there is nothing. I have noticed that the CPU temperature is 70 degrees and the internal temperatures read 68 degrees Celsius. I appreciate if you can help me find a solution.

I think the best thing for this sort of issue is to contact our support group.
They will set you up with a tracking ticket and get the Opto engineers involved.

Thanks, I’ll do it that way.