Problem whit optodispls.exe

i installed pac basic 9.0 in my laptop with windows 7 profesional 32bit, and when i tried to launch pac display, an error appears: optodispLS.exe is not installed or not running. i copied the archive from an old pc, but the error still appears. what i can do?

Hello djnibeyv,

Welcome to the OptoForums! For this kind of question, I’d encourage you to take advantage of our FREE product support [click here].

However, I noticed you mentioned PAC Basic 9.0. Our current version is 9.3, which you can download for FREE here.

Is there a particular reason you wanted that older version of PAC Project? If so, did you get the newest/best 9.0 archive (9.0006), from this location:
(the opto22 ftp site)?

If so, then your best bet would be to contact support:

Hope that helps!