Problem to configure control engines!

Iam a college student and its the first time i work with the opto 22
when i try to configure the control engine it send me an error.
It says “invalid control engine name. Control engine not configured (name not in windows registry). Make sure the control engine name is not misspelled. Error code -8626”

Yesterday was working good, but today it was not.
i used the same program.

Hi Jonathanuaslp,

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Using PAC Terminal to configure the control engine is well documented in the Pac Control users guide, form 1700.
Review chapter 5.
You can access the guide right from within PAC Control. Click on Help -> Manuals -> Users Guide.

Sounds like you have a control engine configured in PAC Terminal, but then you tried to call it something different in PAC Control.
The two need to match.