Printing Reports

We will be trying to print reports from our yet to be installed Epic AR1. Anyone try this yet? Thinking to maybe create the reports in SQLlite, since its default in the Epic.
Thanks, Dave

Just to be clear, EPIC is the PR1, the groov Edge Box is the AR1. (There is no such thing as an ‘Epic AR1’).
They are VERY different devices, which are you referring to?

Oops ‘PR1’, got my acronyms incorrect. I don’t forsee printing of volumes of reports, some of our customers do not attach our equipment to printers. But it needs to be an option. Maybe connecting a USB hub to one of the Epic USB ports? A few company’s have placed our equipment on their intranet to access data files, reports, etc. Maybe an Ethernet switch.
Just some thoughts Thanks Dave

Do you have shell access on these PR1s that you need to print from?

yes, I have the license and have opened a ‘shell’ window. but haven’t pursued it much at this point. we only have one PR1 at this point, once we get all the features we need to work, it will become a production unit. but the units will be standalone for the most part, possibly be tied via Ethernet to another unit. so the need may be there to combine two units data into one report

Ben, Sorry for the long delay in communication, we are working with an Opto Application Engineer on this as well. Still trying/testing, he may come to our office this week. Will keep yo posted