Printing of Data while program is running

Hello all - I am implementing an Opto22 solution to the control of an asphalt plant. Many states/countries have laws that require the physical printing of data periodically (say every 5 minutes or so). I am a fairly new Opto user and am having trouble finding a good solution to this problem. The best I have come up with thus far is:

  1. Use an Alarm Point and set it to log via printer. The problem with this is that I only get one piece of data to print (the Tag causing the alarm). I need to print maybe 10-15 pieces of data.
  2. Historic Data Log - I haven’t tried this yet, but it looks like I can configure an Historic Data Log to hold the data I need…but how would I get it to print periodically - without operator intervention?
    (I should also mention that the periodicity of the log print is operator controlled…i.e. - it will be entered into PACDisplay by the operator).

thanks in advance for any help!

Hi Maddosc,
Here’s a related thread, Nick’s comment about using AutoHotKey might be something you’d want to check on in particular:
You might also ask PSG (our Product Support Group) if they have any ideas.

Thank you Mary - I’ll followup with the orginator of the thread and see if David found a good way to make this work.

Scott M.