Printing Historic Data


I am recording room temperatures and storing the data in the historic data log. I need to be able to print this data out on a daily basis so that the operator has a paper copy. Does anyone know how this could be done?

Hi Sbaldwin,

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The historic data log can be set up to have different line delimiters, thus making them print friendly, and you can then export them pretty smoothly.
Check out page 220 of the PAC Display Users Guide (From within PAC Display Configurator, click on Help -> Manuals).

There are also a few other users doing printing from PAC Display Runtime… Take a dig around in these Forums for some other ideas.



Here’s one idea on printing I dug up elsewhere in the forums:

I like this one about printing trends. Often that’s all you need as proof (the historic file is backed up and only used in case of high precision data is required some time down the track.).