Printer Interface via an EPIC Controller

Have an existing system using an EPIC controller (PACProject) with Groov View via the HDMI port that needs to print reports. The intent is to try to do this without adding a PC to the system.

I’ve done ASCII to Serial (RS232) Printers years ago (via PACProject and an PAC-R) BUT serial printers are not as common today (most are for labels or receipts).

Is there a way (or has anybody already done this) via Node-Red, PACControl, shell access, etc. that we can send our Text Files to a standard Ethernet Printer ?

Other Ideas or Suggestions ?

Depends on the printer, but you may be able to send the text you want printed to TCP port 9100. You can do this with PAC control or Node-Red. Most laser printers will support this, not sure about inkjets.

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@philip - thanks for the suggestion - learn something new everyday - will have to try.

To your knowledge do you need to do anything special regarding ascii characters (ie. CR LF) for it to print or is open the port, sending info, and closing the session is all that is needed ?

In my testing you can just send the text over the network and the printer will print it out once the connection closes. It is just plain test, so it won’t be pretty.

If you have a telnet client you can try it from that, just use port 9100.

Thanks - tried with a printer in the office with both PuTTY and Telnet.
Both connect to port 9100 but nothing prints. Could be the printer or I’m missing something.

What you stated makes sense (and I assumed the same) - may need to try with either a different printer and/or directly via the EPIC.