Preventing Users from modifying strategy file

So, you have to run the strategy file through PAC Control and then load the PAC Runtime for it to function correctly. However, usually you would not want your users being able to change the strategy file code for configuration control purposes. Is there a way to run the runtime without opening up the actual PAC Control to run the strategy? Or a way to prevent users from being able to modify PAC Control and still run the strategy?

You can use PAC Terminal to send a strategy to the controller. It also supports command-line options so you can run it from a script. We secure our strategy and set up our systems this way and don’t install PAC Control (along with not including the strategy files on the PC) - this makes it easier to prevent changes to the strategy.

Hooray! Thanks so much! Really appreciate it! Just what I was looking for!

FYI some details thanks to Ben in [U][B]this post[/B][/U].