PR1 running Codesys and RIO2 as remote I/O


Please can someone help with the red field?

Just a bit worry because we are going to deploy this to customer to monitor and control critical equipment.

Thanks, Suchet

I’m not fully versed on Codesys, but usually with issues like this its either the version of Codesys Opto 22 library, old firmware on the RIO or networking issues.

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Thank you and merry Christmas, Beno
The RIO fw is 3.4.1, EPIC fw is 3.4.4, Codesys package is 3.0, and Codesys is 3.5.

Off the top of my head, that looks about right.
Time to check network and firewall settings etc.

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I think all setting is correct, network is ok, firewall inside rio and epic are ok for eth0. We also found nothing inside the PR1 after down then upload.

I’m really beyond my pay grade here… Its 3am xmas morning here in California, the Opto office is closed, lets page @greichert and hope that he is around at some point today.

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Hi @Beno ,

Any advise on this issue. What wrong with the setting?

I’m not sure the different in this training material.

Can we use RIO instead of SNAP PAC?


By the way, if the RIO is under development for this then please let me know then I can try a better way. Now we’ve got pressure from our client on RIO issue so, then I can fixes the issue to lift up the OPto22 brand image.


Can you archive the project in Codesys and send it to me? I will take a look at it. I am unaware of any issues with using RIO as I/O. Send it to:

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Just drop you an email.

I’m not sure you got my email.


I did not receive it. You will need to archive the project in Codesys. That *.projectarchive file will most likely be to large to email. You will need to use a service like dropbox, onedrive, google drive or wetransfer to send it.

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Just noticing a few things to modify. First, the Ethernet Adapter for the RIO would not be lo (, it would be the EPIC NIC that is connected to the RIO.

The RIO also needs its IP address set, and not the default of


Also, I would recommend you go through our online training with Codesys to show you how to properly configure the EPIC and RIO as remote I/O.


The EPIC ip is, the rio is and the ETH0 connected to rio.
See the result below.

Pleas advise if something is missing or I misunderstand your point. (Sometime my English skills issue.)

By the way, seems ETH1 on rio is missing…
We are testing with EPIC please see below…

It’s working…I guess rio issue.

RIO has a 2 port switch, its not two different IP addresses.

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Sorry! I confused with this diagram then :slight_smile:

Could you please share the screen in Codesys dev… for EPIC PR1/PR2 and shows device tree with module below. I might change the system architecture also for up coming real-time control project. Then I can submit a PO.

Just wanted to make sure then we can quote to our client. (this new project is quite challenge for me)

By the way, I spent time on online training unfortunately, I could not fine the exactly content regarding RIO as remote I/O in the course.

Thanks for this, the support team help me fixed this issue already.

but I still wondered why when we use file > source upload in the codesys dev. but we found nothing from the uploaded file.

Many thanks!