PR1 randomly freezing

Good day,

Experiencing problem with PR1 and Groov View with random freezing.

System overview - PR1/Groov View/Touch Screen Monitor

System will be running fine for while then lock-in. I/O units will remain active resulting in product overload.

System restart - majority of the time the restart will reset everything and the system will run again for a while, other occasions all will startup but when booting the the menu in Groov View the touch screen will not allow input. Repeated restart, occasionally two or three times the system will work.

Any ideas


What firmware version are you running?

Also issues like these are often best handled by support where they can get the right logs and engineers on the job… But yeah, knowing what version firmware you are running is the critical start with this one.

Firmware : 3.3.2-b.93

Busy setting up remote access today to the controller, currently stand-alone 1150km away from me. Then we can involve support.

I am on a path to isolate a possible cause and will have feedback from the site this afternoon.

Problem occurred twice yesterday, made a slight change and they managed to produce the whole day. Busy monitoring today then we could possibly guide and focus on a specific area.

Once done I will log a support ticket and engage on that platform.

Hi, when this happened was the PR1 touch screen frozen or it responded to touch? (I know you said it got frozen sometimes after reset, but exactly when this happened?) Was it visible on the network or responded to pings?

Using external touch/monitor connected to HDMI and USB.

It was Frozen like a lamb chop in the freezer, accepted no input

It appears to be related to the kiosk user profile, been running 2 shifts now under admin user without incident.


Hi Beno, would like to continue this thread with support team. To confirm, if I want to bring this under the eye of support , do I simply send a email

Yes, that’s the right thing to do.
Drop them an email (you have it correct) and they will assign a ticket number and work the issue till its resolved.

I will add with a large number of trends my PR1 would run out of storage space and then crash/lockup. I had to upgrade to the PR2.

Thanks for the insight, this one is still a new install, 4 trends,aprox 10 points. Started its hanging shortly after install. Will develop this through support channel and update once resolved.