Port Static IP change to DHCP


Hey Guys,

I have recently upgraded my Groov EPIC firmware to the latest.
Before upgradation I have configured ETH0 port IP address as a static IP (
But after upgradation I found that ETH0 port IP address( and network option as a DHCP.
Why EPIC does not save its last IP address like SNAP-PAC Controller during upgradation?
Is there any option for that?

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Yes there is an option.

You could/should do a backup before you do the firmware upgrade.
From groov Manage, click on Maintenance > Backup.
Here are the options you are presented with;

Notice how ‘Networking’ is one of them. Your static address would be saved to the backup file.
After doing the firmware upgrade, do a restore, and your network settings will be restored (along with any other settings you wanted).

Also note that from firmware version 1.2 and beyond, you can chose to have your network settings automatically applied after a firmware update.
You can view this in the firmware readme;

So going forward from version 1.2.1 your network settings (if desired) can be automaticly maintained through the firmware upgrade process.


Thanks for your quick response.


Hey Guys,

I have upgrade Groov-EPIC to R1.2.2 version.
I observed that my network settings automatically applied after a firmware update.
Thanks Beno.

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