Pop Windows in Pac Display

Been a while since I used Pop up windows, but I don’t remember that both the child windows and pop up windows have no check box to “Stay on top” of the existing window.

Let me know if I am mistaken, but I gather this is not an option.

Yes, I know that I can make the existing window smaller, but I’ve already made the main window shape in an L so this will not work either.

If you’re looking for a feature to add to Pac Display, this would be handy.

In my case I built a whole screen before I realized this and now I have to re-organize it.

Ok, I know this sounds bizarre, but when you use a menu button that is located in a the main window to open a pop-window, the popup window does not stay on top.

On the other hand, if the menu button is located on a different window, such as a menu window, the popup window does stay on top of the main window…

When I write this post, I had installed the menu button inside the main window, and every time I click on the main window, the popup would disappear. Now it is not disappearing, I guess because the menu button is calling it from a different window.