Pointers In Condition Blocks

I am new to pointer variables and pointer tables.

I’ve read through the PAC Control User’s Guide Form 1700.

I’ve successfully tested some logic using pointer variables and pointer tables in a script block.

How do you evaluate a pointer variable in a condition block? Do you have to move the pointer variable to another variable before the condition block?

Can you give more detail about what you mean by “evaluate”?

If I’m understanding your use case correctly, yes, you can reference the value associated with an element of a pointer table by creating a pointer variable (non-table), set it equal to the specific element, then you can use that var reference to grab the value itself.
Have you set any “temporary” non-table tags, or are you just using the table?

In the Condition block’s Name drop down list, the pointer variable should appear in the list along with all your other valid variables or io.

Make sure the pointer variable’s ‘Pointer to Type’ setting is correct.



@Craig_Robertson: if you’ve created a pointer variable that points to a timer variable (up or down), it will show up as the relevant type in the condition block. Just select down timer or up timer and check the variable list – your pointer should be there.