Point I/O for EPIC

I would like to know if there is a product that could be used as a Point I/O (like the Allen Bradley Points I/O)

I am using this EPIC processor that must activate more than 30 valves that are like 30 feet away from the device. Another EPIC will not be the best solution. I am looking for this Point I/O so I can communicate with them through ethernet IP (or similar).

30 feet away? Why don’t you just run them off an IO module in the EPIC?

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You can actually use I/O such as the 1734 Point I/O with the groov EPIC, if you are using Codesys and the Codesys Ethernet/IP Scanner SL Module. Codesys has an example configuration using the 1734 to help you.

There may be some point style I/O out there that speaks other protocols, such as modbus, then they would work with either PAC Control or Codesys.

It would be easier to run a single Ethernet cable than all those required to power and operate the valves.

I will check them. Thank you

Why not use a SNAP IO rack?