Point counter limitations

What are the limitations to counters on points? The user guide is somewhat vague and I am having issues trying to get some counters to work. What are the limitations as far as R1/R2/EB2/etc., module limitations/rack slot limitations?

Thank you for any answers.

You’ll need an R1 or EB1 to do counters. Check out the second page of [B]this comparison chart[/B] more I/O info. Also this [B][URL=“https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6f4sRcKsM2c”]OptoMinute video[/B] might help too.

OK, seems to be an arbitrary limitation…

FYI - one of my EB2s accidentally got configured as an R1 in my strategy… Counting works fine on my high density module (IDC 32, but fails on a standard DI module (IDC 5) everything else works fine, sooo… I am going to leave it alone.

I guess that’s a work-around to the Opto22 arbitrary capability limit.


Actually, the “high speed” counting part involves a chip that’s included in the (more expensive) R1 & EB1 hardware, but NOT on the R2 & EB2s. But any of those PACs can handle counting for your high-density modules, because the not-as-high-speed counting for those actually happens on the modules themselves (rather than on the R1/EB1).

Confusing, perhaps. Arbitrary, no. We don’t like to charge you extra for features you don’t need.

BTW, if you want to fix the incorrectly configured I/O Unit in you strategy, you can:

  1. add a new EB2 (you'll need to give it a fake IP address for now, like
  2. move your points from where they are to the new EB2 (double-click on the "Points" folder under that new I/O Unit in your strategy tree, you'll see a "Move To..." button on the right side)
  3. delete the non-real R1
  4. correct the IP on your "new" EB2.
Might save you some confusion in the future!

If you have a moment to point out the doc numbers (or titles) where things are ‘vague’, I would be very grateful.
After spending years (and years) in a basement on my own (with only the user guides) I am a HUGE fan of getting the docs clear and accurate.


@mstjohn - I don’t need high speed counting and counting with the high density module works fine in an EB2. I tried to migrate the fake R1 to a new EB2 configuration and counting is not an option for the HD module… so for now, it will stay an R1. I have actually logged this as a bug with support earlier today. Thank you for trying to help.

@ben - Look at pages 80 and 281 in the “1700_PAC_Control_Users_Guide”. One spot says you need to turn counters on to use them the other says not to use the start/stop commands.
also, on 281 it’s pretty vague as far as which brains can/can’t use counters. Is it only with HD modules? what about 4 channel modules? etc.

I’ll keep my eye out for more.

Thank you,
Nick Van Laar