Plans for some kind of Scheduler

Is there any plan to add some kind of scheduler to groov or maybe just make a gadget out of something like node-red-contrib-light-scheduler for lighting control and make a simple one to schedule HVAC stuff please!!! this would be huge for building automation.

It’s not on the roadmap at the moment, no. groov View’s meant as a display interface, with scheduling and the like handled by a PAC Control strategy or something similar. In the future we may grow in that direction, but I can’t say we will with any certainty.

What about by using NodeRed to do something for now, I have no PAC control this isn’t using any opto stuff. Its groov box with lonworks controls via a babelbuster BB2 none of the lon devices have a real time clock they are just dumb application specific controllers and I have no LNS operating on the Lonworks side (I am using all dynamic bindings via the BB2’s web interface) we can’t use Lonmaker or PAC control, it’s a long story because of the need for a PC (it’s a open source project). I got to use the groov box because of a loophole in the job spec because all of the config is done via a web browser (I dont have to use any software other than a web browser). The rest of the project is all OpenPLC on Linux servers with a mix of other modbus rtu and tcp devices. These lonwork controllers came installed in this equipment from the factory so that’s why I got to use them. Other than that BACnet and Lonworks standards are banned from the job site.

I was thinking about using a modbus thermostat for it’s scheduler for now and just transfering the occupied register with the Babel buster for now then I can access the time scheduler register with groov and let the customer set it from groov.

Yes. Node-RED has several scheduling options (nodes).
Bigtimer is one of the more popular ones.

That said, your approach is solid. You could also interface with the modbus thermo via node-RED and thus groov.

So many options, so little time…