PID loop on GROOV

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Could you please provide help/documentation regarding PID loop implementation on a GROOV EPIC, with AI and AO modules using PAC Control?
Any examples that could help?
Is this control in relation with the processor firmware version?
Is it different from PID on SNAP?


Hi Bassem,

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The online Training section for PAC Control and PID’s will be available very soon. This will guide you step by step through the use of PID loops on groov EPIC. I will send you some information via email on the use of PID’s.

In general, the PID’s on SNAP-PAC are very similar. You need to select the I/O channels or variables (from Host) for the parameters that are used within the calculation of the PID loop. Once you are in the debugger of PAC control, you can then double click on the PID loop in the strategy tree and access all the parameters and see how your PID loop behaves on changes of parameters.

If you have a groov EPIC Learning Center, there is the Learning Center package, which has a completed PAC Control strategy with a sample PID configured. This sample PID is a temperature control loop, using the sensor/heater cable delivered with the Learning Center.


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Thank you Gerhard,

That reply solved many questions in my head.
I will reply to your email as soon as I gain access to my inbox.

Thx, Bassem.

Hi Bassem,

You may also want to check out this Webinar we did about PIDs. It’s a bit older, but everything is still relevant -