PID I/O Point issue

Hi, this happened to me twice and I want to know if anyone had a similar issue.
I have 4 analog thermistor inputs (ITR-12), inputs signal had good quality, no issues, then I created PID loops related to this inputs and one of the inputs went into NAN, in the module it said bad quality. Thinking of a wiring issue all was tested an no reason for the bad signal was found, I deleted the PID loop and magically the signal came back! Then I re created the PID loop, no issues whatsoever, worked perfect.
Days later I created another PID loop in order to control a pump speed (BTW all PID outputs are OVMALC8 config as 0-10 vdc out) and the same issue happened with another thermistor input, again, I killed the PID loop and created it again, input have no issues after… Any ideas? running 3.2.0-b.44 not possible yet to update until planned stop.

Forgot to mention…when deleted the PID loop in PAC control and updated the strategy in groov it did not got deleted in the EPIC it self. In PAC Control got error -701 (Warning, PID Loop 1 has been configured outside of this strategy (in PAC Manager or in another strategy), and could conflict with this strategy’s logic.) in fact the PID loop still exist in Groov manage, unable to delete it. I will restart if I can but unable.

I want to try and duplicate this issue at the factory, but between the two posts, I am confused…

What I was going to do:

  1. Create a PID in PAC Control. Download and watch the ITR input go bad in groov Manage.
  2. Delete the PID in PAC Control. Download and watch the ITR input come good.

But, your second post tells me that step 2 won’t do what I think you said it would do in your first post.

Sorry for the confusion… If we can reproduce it here then it will help the software/firmware guys a great deal.

Sorry for the confusion, in a nutshell…

1.- I created the PID 1 in pac control with input 1 and output 1, but noticed unrelated input 2 NAN immediately after download and strat started, input 2 is not related to PID 1 at all.
2.- I pac control deleted the PID 1, input 2 came back immediately back as good signal, yet the output of now gone PID 1 was been controlled by something, Groov manage showed PID 1 there, up and running.
3.- I pac control created again PID 1, same name, same i/o, no issues now, PID1 is working, input 2 is working.