Phantom I/O Units?

Hi All,
I imported some charts from another strategy to a new strategy. When I did this, of course, the I/O from the old strategy was also imported and PAC Control automatically created new I/O units in the new strategy for this old I/O to be housed under. I figured out I could just do Find/Replace and get all my I/O references set to the new Brain (Milton_brain) and then delete the old I/O (Newfound_Brain and Newfound_Brain_IMP1). I also did a Find/Replace on the old brains themselves because I am using Scratchpad functions which reference I/O unit. However, PAC Control will not let me delete the old I/O units even though there are no longer any references to the brains or the I/O under them. The weirdest thing is that I was able to delete some of these “imported” brains. Just not these last two. Is this just a bug and/or my new strategy is corrupted?


Hello Jake,

If you double-click on the I/O Units folder, you’ll get a list of all your I/O Units, with columns for the Name, Type… and [B]Ref Count[/B]. Does your [B]Ref Count[/B] show a non-zero number? If so, it’s possible that Ref Count got messed up. Close the window, do a Ctrl+R (you may see a “Generating Reference Counts” message box pop up momentarily). Then go back in and see if it’s zero (in which case you should be able to delete it).

Also from your strategy tree, try doing a Right-Click on the I/O Unit in question, then Find… to see if/where your strategy things that I/O Unit is referenced.

If you’re still having trouble, do File > Achieve strategy and send the .zip file to support @ since they might be able to get it sorted out for you.

Hope that helps!


Thanks very much, Mary! Your suggestion to use Ctrl+R to regenerate reference counts worked. When I did Find… on the brains it always said there were no references to them, but you were right that they showed up with nonzero reference counts in the Configure I/O units window. Learned something new there. Once I did Ctrl+R the ref counts went to zero and I could delete these brains. Thanks again!