pH or Conductivity probe help

We are looking for possible solutions to connect pH and/or conductivity probes directly to Groov.

Anyone know of any probes that are compatible with connecting directly to Groov (possibly mA or mV signal type) modules?

I should have mentioned that these probes may be in acidic solutions (as low as 3-4pH).

I’ve used Sensorex as a low-cost and modular pH and conductivity solution. They make 4-20 mA models and I have connected them to a RIO and EPIC.


In addition to 4-20 mA, there is also an RS485 Modbus output available:

Plug this little guy into the USB port of your Rio or EPIC, connect the + and - wires from the probe to the USB adapter, and then you’ll be grooving (bad joke, I know).


Thanks for the help.